Here is a pretty cool story about one of our Muscle Car Fans Alan S. He has owned an amazing original Superbird for over 32 Years. This is his storywritten by him,
Back in 1984 when I turned 21 friends told me “go buy a Six Pack” so, I did, an 18,000 mile Superbird in need of restoration from damage, not from the great ‘salt-belt’ obviously this car was know it would be “special” and was never driven in the winter. It still has it’s all original drivetrain, the desired ‘V’ Code for 440+6, bucket seat with console automatic, tic-toc tach, 3.55 rear gears & the original 14″ Road Wheels (Magnum 500), + the original spare is still in the trunk. I’ve put a total of 8,000 miles on this car in the 33 years of ownership, in 2009 at the 40th Wing Car Reunion at Talladega Superspeedway I pushed the 200mph barrier as the needle went past the 150 mark and down to the ‘P’ in the MPH logo at the bottom of the speedometer. And to think this is the second Road Runner in my collection…..the first is even more rare.As a side note, my first muscle car (& I still have it) is a 1970 Road Runner convertible, 1 of 824 built as well as the last year for a Road Runner convertible, which I have owned since 1981 or 36 years of continued ownership.