CHEVY CAMARO conception-prototypes

The fifth generation Camaro begins with the 2009 model for the track only with retail starting in 2010. This Chevy model is manufactured in Canada for the North American market place. The entry level version for 2013 is under $25,000.00 but if you need power the Chevy coupe ZL1 option is available with the 6.2 Liter all aluminum supercharged engine offering up to 580 horse power which will cost you upwards of $50,000.00 but for a bit more you might want the convertible version.

2010 Camaro 5

The Camaro was on a four year hiatus from the retail market but the engineers and designers were hard at work during this period.

In 2006 a concept Camaro was shown in a coupe style and on the GM Zeta platform at the North American Auto Show. This car is powered by a 6.0 Liter LS-2 engine producing 400 hp and is bolted to a T56 six speed standard transmission. It sports suspension features such as gas pressurized dampers, with front and rear progressive rate springs. The concept car is on a 110.5 inch (281 cm) wheel base having four wheel vented disc brakes for the 14 inch rotors with 21 inch rims in front and 22 inch to the rear; they are made of cast alloy with a unique five spoke design. The car was very impressive and won the best of Show award for ‘06.

2010 Camaro THIS

Again at the North American Auto Show, in 2007, another concept Camaro is show but this time as a convertible and carries a very close resemblance to the one to be marketed in 2009. However the changes from the previous concept are subtle but they are comprehensive from the front doors to the rear bumper. The line of the fenders changes from the vertical to horizontal slightly further out and, to keep the lines smooth, the spoiler on the rear has been redesigned. The rims have thin orange outer pin stripe and are mounted with red line tires giving this concept a retro look, reminiscent of the ’69 model year. The interior has also had a few changes made with the seats made of leather with orange stitching and the chromed seat belt buckles look like the vintage G.M. style of the 1960’s. The dash has more easily read four gauge instrument cluster with the round units mounted in square housings and are set off by the brushed metal finishes, and the interior completed with the addition of a deep dish steering wheel.

Almost at the marketing point, GM shows a number of prototypes throughout 2008.

2010 Camaro 2

NASCAR and driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. have a hand in the revision of a Camaro SS prototype which runs on E85-a high octane gasoline and has other GM accessory modifications.

Mark Donohue’s Trans Am series Camaro is the inspiration for GS Racecar Concept which extensively uses carbon fiber panels for the hood, trunk lid, doors and fenders with the GM LS3-V8 in the engine compartment; bolted to the Tremec 6060 six speed transmission. Other racing inspired features are the aluminum radiator with aluminum engine oil coolers, the transmission coolers, as well as the differential. The exhaust system has three inch pipes with Coast Fab mufflers installed. This prototype was put up for sale in 2013 at Mecum Auction House during Monterey Car Week.

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