Ford Mustang Mach I – 1973 images

The GT line of Mustang had performance versions such as the ’68 Shelby GT500KR, but Ford wanted something different to highlite the factory produced muscle, The Mach I, is the title chosen for the highest performance Mustang; conjuring up images of ground searing performance,- travel at the speed of sound and beyond. The twin hood scoops are an optional feature for all 1971-73 Ford Mustangs; they could be a decorative feature or fully functional-if the ram-air option is selected. The functional version of the scoops will have a flapper in each of the scoop openings to direct cool outside air into the carburetor. The optional ram-air package includes a matt black/body color two tone hood paint and two, twist-in type chrome plated hood lock pins on a factory produced unit.
351 CID V8 C4 Automatic

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