Ford Ranchero 500 1970 images

A very small , but significant change that began in 1970 model year is the Ranchero no longer has a “Torino” or “Fairlane” badging above the glove box; instead, the badge is either “Ranchero” or “Ranchero GT.” Other, exterior changes for 1970 and ’71 include a slight point in the grills center and from a side view the model is  more aerodynamic with smooth, flowing lines-coke body styling. There is also the addition of a fourth trim option in 1970; it is the plushly outfitted “Squire” or “woody”-sporting woodgrain applique on the dash along the exterior, down the sides, from bumper to bumper, like the Country Squire station wagon.

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MCF thanks Gateway Classic Cars for the images provided here

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