Studebaker Scotsman 1958 images

Studebaker is in trouble financially by 1955 and rather than go up against the big three, the company decides to try to undercut competition with the Scotsman, aimed at the budget minded consumer. The Scotsman lacks chrome trim and is basic transportation with few frills, but available in a full range of body styles, The car was a hit with the public and Studebaker sold more than double its projected number, with more than 9.000 leave the assembly line the first year. The third year of production is 1958 and the inexpensive Scotsman is a bit more sluggish than other cars of this era powered by a small, but dependable six cylinder engine that delivers an unbeatable (at that time) 30 mpg. With a low sticker price the goal, the Scotsman does not receive the fins and four headlight set up of its siblings in ’58.



MCF would like to thank Gateway Classic Cars for the images reproduced here

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