What makes a Car, a Muscle Car?

If there’s one concept that’s central to the legacy of American automobiles, it’s the muscle car. While automakers from around the globe have imitated our trucks and sedans, the legacy of the American muscle car stands apart. The term “muscle car” is commonly applied to classic cars, but not all instances are accurate. What qualifications define a “muscle car”?

Classic 1978 Chevy Nova Coupe blower

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A Classic Muscle Car Engine Is a Working Piece of Art

Having turned the big 5-0 earlier this year, I suppose that I shouldn’t be terribly surprised that the transformation into wistful geezer has begun. For some, that means pining away for the old days, a late-onset interest in beautiful flowers and paying attention to the pill ads in Reader’s Digest.

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How to Speak Muscle Car: a Glossary From AAR to Z/28

A conversation between two muscle car guys can sound positively military, with all the acronyms, slang, codes, and jargon. Imagine how that sounds to others, especially younger types who may be weighing whether the muscle car hobby is the place for them. As they hear a steady stream of odd, head-scratching, and off-putting terms, perhaps too many decide to stick with collecting Star Wars action figures and Fruit Ninja video games.

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Just Listed: 1985 Pontiac Trans Am Kammback Concept is a Muscle Coupe with Room to Spare

CTS-V Wagon owners, we get it. You want the aggression, speed, sound and character of a muscle car, with the utility of a rear liftgate. Aside from weirdos like the Dodge Magnum SRT8, the CTS-V, and if you squint hard enough, the Buick Roadmaster Estate from the 1990s, there’s a real lack of V-8 wagons after the early 1970s. Don’t fret —  if you’re willing to lose the rear doors and drive something from the 1980s, the exceptionally quirky 1985 Pontiac Trans Am Kammback concept is back up for grabs at Barrett-Jackson’s 2017 Scottsdale sale.

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ZL1-Powered 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 Deluxe May Be Ultimate Sleeper

Albert Galdi of Somerset, New Jersey, has modified and restored a pretty extensive inventory of cars over the years, taking underpowered rides and turning them into high-horse street brawlers, each reformed with the addition of some extra punch under the hood. He became infatuated with the GM big-block rides of the muscle car’s heyday and is a devout follower of Chevy’s highest-performing models. Tops on his must-have list were the ones of the COPO and ZL1 variety, but finding one that he could afford became a great challenge. He did eventually score, restore, and still owns a real COPO Chevelle. However its value and scarcity make it difficult to drive and enjoy the way he wanted to do

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