About Pat Caporuscio and Muscle Car Fan

Pat started racing when he was 7 yrs old. He had his first crash with his Stingray bike shortly after when be crashed into a mailbox while riding ion a dare with his eyes closed. 

Fortune has smiled upon him and he has become a much smarter driver.

In his teens he raced cars that included a 1970 Nascar Torino, 69 GTX-440-4 speed and Dana Posi, 66 Hi-Po Mustang, countless Roadrunners, Mustangs and an occasional Pontiac auto. 

He has always had one sort of Classic or Muscle Car and when asked by Vesh at Muscle Car Fan to hop on board shooting videos and writing articles he happily jumped in with 2 feet, a couple of hands, and all 4 wheels burnin rubber!

Muscle Car Fan is a grass roots page and funded by video views and now the expansion into shirt sales. 

We look forward to finding more cars, listening to everyone out there about their car experiences, and hopefully a road trip or two. 

Keep an eye of for the Facebook produced video where Pat was hired by Facebook Marketplace as an expert in Muscle Cars. They flew him out to Hollywood for 4 days and did some pretty extensive shooting. Details and the video coming soon.

We look forward to your input, videos and advise. Have a great car day!

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