1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird in White & 440 Engine

What do you think of these “winged” cars?

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62 thoughts on “1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird in White & 440 Engine”

    1. Take some Preparation H to stop your hemorrhoid from raging, you sound like a asshole in pain.

    2. Yeah I’ve had a hemorrhoid before,
      Saying stupid shit moronic shit like you just did when my asshole hurts.

    3. But I’m not the triggered by a car designed in 1970 that ran 200mph.
      I guess your pissed your Prius has a hard time getting up to 40mph.
      Jealousy and raging hemorrhoids make you look like a fucking dipshit.

  1. The Roadrunner 68-70 maybe one of the best musclecars from that era. This car is a track car, NASCAR.

    1. This is a 1970s only model. Plymouth only made the Roadrunner Superbirds in 1970.

    2. i’m talking bout the roadrunner in general. But yep this car was made in 1970 only

  2. My Favorite Mopar of ALL TIME is the ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona.

  3. Beautiful Car.. i love them all.. To bad only the rich and famous can afford the now.. The average hard working American can only dream of owning one.

    1. We could of had one back in 1970….or I could have !….my loss. .who would have thought back then!

  4. If you love Muscle Cars, you have to love these Superbirds, and the Dodge Daytonas. A very hard to find car to find when new, and now worth Big dollars. These were one of the better cars Mopar made.

  5. Never like them,think about it ,they look ridiculous….. My opinion

  6. Richard petty made 25 brand new hellcat challengers out of petty s garage..he put the super bird wings on them and the dip coned nose on them. The wing on them is over me and I’m 6 ft 1

    1. True fact: the wing is that high on the original cars only for truck lid clearance.

  7. 29 wins 69-70 Ford Talladega (wingless)
    8 wins Plymouth Superbird
    6 wins Dodge Daytona

  8. I go for a true aggressive look, this car does not have it at all.

  9. They may have been great, and now very expensive but I never had any attraction to them and would not want one today.

  10. My Cuz has 1 but is beat to hell. She bought it 11 years ago for 14K with a bunch of xtra parts. She has been working on it on and off and should have it done in 2022. She’s slow but meticulous. I get a pic every year or so. She wants to paint it metallic green!

    1. I don’t think your car can hit 180+ Mph buddy. It is big. In your opinion it is ugly. But this is not slow.

    2. These cars are the reason NASCAR started using limits on displacement. Mopar was dominating.

    3. Very few of those cars had the hemi option in them. The ones with the 440 were a joke on the street I know I raced a few of them in my time and I even got to see a few on the drag strip and like I said a joke.

    4. Representative Performance
      0-60 mph, sec: 5.7
      1/4 mile, sec. @ mph: 13.92 @ 104.5

  11. I love the winged MOPARS I’ve had my SUPERBIRD 25 years 440/4spd….love em….

  12. Neighbor bought one brand new, was nothing on the road like it back in the day. A very unique car.

  13. Don’t follow one in the rain, they kick up more water than a semi!

  14. I drove One very fast kind of scary but it was fun! It was the 1970

  15. My dream car, wishing I had money to buy a couple , or one makes me happy!!!

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