This was a Concept Car project name that in 1956 became the name for a series of popular muscle cars starting in 1967. Can you guess what brand and model this is. Couple of clues here, it was extremely popular muscle car, with the first production car appearing in dealer showrooms in February 1967. There were many engine options from a 6 cylinder to a big block 4 barrel V-8. A wide variety of options were available to personalize each car, including four-speed manual transmission or three-speed automatic, power front-disc brakes, power steering, limited-slip rear differential, hood-mounted tachometer, full instrumentation, custom interior, air conditioning, tinted glass, console, and eight-track stereo. Further, for an extra cost, any car could be special-ordered in any color.

Concept Car

From the mid 50’s . Project car name that became a popular name for a 60’s muscle car.

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