The Corvette of Corvettes, and the rarest and most radical factory built Corvette was not a convertible. It is the 1969 Corvette ZL-1 aluminum cylinder block, 427, 2D coupe with an F41 special purpose suspension and heavy duty transmission and brake system.
The car was originally ordered as a company car for a Corvette plant engineer from St Louis and ended up being only one of 3 built with this configuration.
If you want really rare, this combination was the rarest for both the 69 Corvette and the 69 Camaro, which saw about 3 dozen of these made primarily for drag racing.
Then there was a stroke of luck at a few years ago at the Ohio factory that cast the ZL1 blocks
The original tooling was found mixed in with a batch of obsolete tools that were being thrown out.
From this valuable and rare find, GM Performance Parts has made brand new ZL1 blocks using the original tooling and making some upgrades to the motor to make it stronger than the originals.

427 ZL1

The Incredible Corvette ZL1

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