The 1960s was a very innovative time for classic muscle cars. From the space race to the evolution of the automobile, tech enthusiasm boomed, so automotive designers stepped up their game. Here’s a taste of the most iconic, quintessential cars of the 1960s.


Ford Mustang



The 1964 Mustang started a revolution. It’s easily the most iconic of the ’60s American classic muscle cars. Although lacking in speed, the V8 option offered some versatility, which was then complemented by later body styles such as the fastback.


Chevrolet Camaro



An answer to the Mustang, this car offered a variety of engine options and body designs. Although it launched late and could not beat the Mustang‘s records for some time, it was a sure contender.


Chevrolet Corvette



The C3 stands out for its relation to NASA and Apollo astronauts, however it’s the C2 that’s regarded as the iconic ’60s model. The evolution of this machine to a real sports car left a mark on the industry.


Plymouth Barracuda



This is one of the most expensive classic muscle cars currently in auctions. Although the first version was humble, the ’67 release featured more masculine looks, powerful engines, and distinctive wrap-around glass.


Pontiac GTO



Crippled by several bans, the designers of this machine were determined to add hype to their product line. Through a loophole that listed GTO as an option, they gained 100 extra hp in the class. It became an instant hit that launched the muscle cars wars.