The classic muscle car era saw the evolution of the automobile to a whole new level. Even though conventional muscle cars were not so big in size, they were not exactly small either. However, the following cars are small but packing a punch.


Dodge Dart


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This car was loved for its durability. However, it was much smaller than other cars in its era. This did not compromise its power or the quality of its design, though. The car still has a huge fan base.


Chevrolet Corvair


This is a compact machine manufactured and marketed from 1960 to 1969. Although this car got a little bad press and some criticism, it is well worth a mention as it meets all base requirements for classic muscle cars.


Ford Falcon


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This car’s model base was the Mustang. Although it is much smaller than the Mustang, it is still worth the title and was loaded with enough power for a small size car. On the upside, the car was cheap and easy to tune up.


Dodge Challenger


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The car was produced in eight models, but what was distinct about the car is its compact design across the boards. However, unlike other cars on this list, this rod got quite a positive review and is still favored by collectors.


Chevrolet Camaro


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The first generation Camaro was available from ’67 onwards and it was an instant hit with enthusiasts and ordinary car users. It was reasonably priced and offered decent performance, with a hot look.