The Plymouth Barracuda is on the compact  Valiant “A” platform and, initially, is equipped with one of two six cylinder engines as standard equipment. The rear window glass (backlight) on the fastback is not unique, but it is huge, at 14.4 ft² (1.33 m²)). Models marketed in the USA are equipped with the  base  225 cu in (3.68 L) slant-6 engine, but Canadian cars would have a 170 cu in (2.78 L) version. under the hood. The power option is a two barrel on the 273 cu in ( 4,5 L) V8 engine and be bolted to the newly designed, lighter, “TorqueFlite 6” (A904) automatic transmission. For the ’65 model year a four barrel version of the 273 could be an option.

MCF thanks Gateway Classic Cars for the images displayed here

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