Men are passionate about their stuff, and American muscle cars are no exception. It is said that a man’s car is an extension of his personality. It’s a representation of his psyche – his id, if you may – that he sends into the outside world against the ongoing traffic flow. In extreme cases, some men become their cars and imbibe the qualities that their cars represent. Let us take a look at several reasons why men simply cannot resist the charms of a muscle car.

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First, let us define what American muscle cars are. Muscle cars are vehicles specifically designed for fast driving. You could usually catch them in drag races or other fast car events. They are built with engines tweaked to provide superior driving maneuvers when you need them most. They can accelerate to speeds over 100 kilometers per hour (kph) in about five seconds, some in even less than that.

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As mentioned earlier, men view their cars as an extension of their personality. A muscle car exudes strength, masculinity and speed through its unique features. Its bulky body is made of durable material and houses an engine that can provide unbelievable speeds. Specifically designed for extreme power and velocity, muscle cars appeal to men with a flair for machismo. It attracts every man’s hidden alpha male and provides him with a confidence boosted by owning at least one of these modern day classics.

The speed of these muscle cars is their main attraction. Robert Downs, a popular man fiction author, writes that muscle cars allow men to dream about a limitless world with no speed limits. A 600-horsepower V10 engine is the perfect embodiment of that dream. Men need an outlet for that recklessness they have within, and driving a muscle car is exactly the refuge they seek.

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American muscle cars also appeal to man’s natural tinkering nature. Owning a muscle car requires a certain know-how of car mechanics and fundamentals, as it requires a bit of customization to make the muscle car truly your own. No man can resist the thrill of getting his hands slick with grease after working on his very own muscle car. Since these works of art operate on manual transmission, those who live on paddle shifting a car with automatic transmission cannot survive driving one.

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Another reason why men love American muscle cars is because they attract women. Let’s be honest, a man cruising around town in a Camaro would definitely turn more female heads than one driving a Hybrid. Muscle cars and the aura they project appeal to a woman’s sense of danger. Riding in a muscle car at top speed gives them a certain thrill that normal cars could only dream of. Call me sexist, but women love that stuff. Sort of the reason why they date jerks, if you ask me.

One last reason why men are so hooked with American muscle cars is the price. Contrary to the usual thrifty nature of men, splurging on a car that screams ‘status symbol’ is a temptation they cannot resist. The satisfaction with having a Mustang or a Cobra in your garage is more than enough compensation for the fortune they spent in acquiring one. Prices on these babies can go as high as $3,000,000.00, which is the price of the most expensive Dodge Viper VM-02 sold last year.


Men may have different reasons for owning American muscle cars. Be it for its speed, symbolism, or its appeal to women, it does not really matter. They, however, share one thing in common – having the bragging rights to owning one of America’s finest contributions to the world of motoring.

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