1200hp Ford GT vs 1050hp Viper

Viper battling Ford GT This was one of the better races from this event, Mullet in his twin turbo/supercharged/nitrous Ford GT vs Tony in his supercharged/nitrous Viper

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5 thoughts on “1200hp Ford GT vs 1050hp Viper”

  1. A loss is a loss. His reaction was because the Driver of the Viper is better.

  2. The GT’s 1/4 mile time was almost .5 of a second slower. I don’t know if that was because he didn’t “punch it” because he was already way behind thanks to his reaction time, but The Viper was 9.5 and the GT was 10.something. Those times are from when the beams are “broken” at the start and don’t include the reaction times so if they had left at the exact same time the Viper still would have won.

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