1966 Ford 7-Litre R-Code 427 Convertible

This episode features another super-rare car from the Brothers Collection, a 1966 Ford 7-Liter 427 4-speed convertible! The 7-Liter came with a 428 V8 under the hood, but just 2 people opted for the high-performance R-Code dual-quad 427 to power their 7-Liter convertibles, and this is one!

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35 thoughts on “1966 Ford 7-Litre R-Code 427 Convertible”

    1. That’s what it said.but 2 people got it with a 7 liter 427 not the 428

    2. No it wasn’t David most were the 428s but you could order the 427s. They were not recommended for the street but some ordered them. Google 427 GT 500. There is a cool story about them. Eleanor’s were real. My brother Bill came home when he was in the Military with a Beautiful 427 GT 500 i remember them 2 big 4 barrel Hollys and that big crome air cleaner. He’s still crying about selling it today.!! Shirly Cha cha Moldowney lived near us and were a racing family so my brother all of us new about these 427s the cammers.

    1. Yes Fred you are both right and wrong.!! Ford allowed the customers the option to order the 427 if they wanted it. Most chose not to. It wasn’t a motor for the faint at heart you might say. My oldest brother came home on leave from the service driving a 67 427 GT 500 Mustang. To this day he is kicking himself in the Ass for selling it. That car is still a local legend among the older local racer’s. It shut down every car it went up against at our 2 local drag strips. South Glensfalls and Lebanon Vally. Shirley Cha Cha Muldowney was a local girl from Schenectady and Connie Coletta all of em were friends of the family. I was a youngster back then but I saw it all.

  1. Beautiful Year. My brother had a Gold. It was very quick for a big car

  2. Didn’t the R-code first come out in 63 1/2 in the semi fastback?

  3. This is a bad Ass car. I know all about The 427. So Did Carrol Shelby and the 427 AC Cobra.!!!!

  4. The 427 also became the world famous Cammer.!! Google Ford’s Infamous 90 day wonder.!! This is the motor that was Banned by NASCAR because Mopar was Crying like a bunch of little pussy’s because they got there Ass kicked in time trials. Mopar set out an entire season because there Hemi’s were getting there Asses kicked. NASCAR back in the day was in MOPARS pocket. Even Richard Petty said we can’t catch them 427s.!! There untouchable.!! Then NASCAR tried to tell Ford ok we will allow them in but they got to be in your Galaxy’s which was 500 lbs heavier then the Mopars. Ford told NASCAR to Suck it.!! Ford then dropped these 427s in a striped down Fairlane and called it the Thunderbolt.!! And it went on to kick the Shit out of everything at the Drag strip.!! Winning NHRA World Championships Several times.!! This is the motor Connie Coletta Broke the 200 mph 1/4 mile mark with.!! This motor was turning 8s and 6s in the 1/4 mile in the 1960s. It was Screaming to Mopar and GM You can kiss my Ass.!! Then this motor was dropped in to the World famous 1967 AC Cobra.

  5. My dad had one but had the hardtop with auto on the floor. Would love to find one like his.

  6. Sat in this car, factory power disc brakes with 427, I also know the history of this car particular car

  7. Original owner had dealer install a 390 automatic just after car was new, later in years car was put back to original using the parts the original owner had keep like the 4 speed disc brake pedal assy and pwr door lock console plate

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