1968 Plymouth GTX in B5 Blue Paint

The car’s Owner is Kevin Plummer. Kevin has this car since 2015. He shares he always wanted this car because he remembers his is Dad had one when he was a boy.

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24 thoughts on “1968 Plymouth GTX in B5 Blue Paint”

  1. Only problem here is, in 1968 the color code for Bright Blue Metallic is QQ1 – not B5 Blue – you can see it on the fender tag and the window sticker in the video

    1. No bright metallic blue color in ’68 medium blue ,mist blue ,mist turquoise or electric blue

    2. Ok, some discrepancy on QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic / Electric Blue Metallic – after further research I’ll concede to you Mark and Electric Blue Metallic, but it still remains that there was no B5 Blue in 1968 – can’t add pic, but I have ’68 Dodge Coronet R/T QQ1

  2. Had one
    My old daddy Kenneth painted it for me. Bad enough. My daddy could paint…

  3. Had a 1969 GTX 440-4 bbl. Hemi automati/ 2800 stall converter with 3.31 geared rear! Copper metallics and black trimmed.

  4. This model was my first purchased car. The blue was on top and the body was white. Slightly different blue. Loved that car!!!

  5. I love themX’S. i owned a yellow 440 super commando 4 speed dana 60 car

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