1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – The Best Z28?

Chevrolet just couldn’t leave well enough alone, and upped the ante for 1970 by offering a all-new 1970 Camaro Z28 equipped with the LT-1 350 cubic inch V8. The LT-1 was far superior in power output and useable horsepower than the previous high-performance 302 cubic inch V8 found in the 19671969 Camaro Z28. But is the 1970 Z28 the best Z28 ever produced?

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  1. 68 or 69 Z is much nicer. But a true car Buff means any American Muscle is Beautiful

  2. The ultimate would be a 69 body with a 70 powertrain

    1. Then you have never driven both if you think the 69 is better.

  3. I like the 69 better because i like the first gen better, but the 70 has a bigger motor and more hp….. a 360 horse 350 and the handling is superior to the 69.

    1. The 302 was rated at 290 hp, for insurance purposes but it was actually more around 375 hp. It was a stroker motor and it could redline the tach at 7-8000 rpm. It was a blast to drive !

    2. Also forgot to mention the 69 Z won 11-12 Trans am races out of 14 in the 69 season. With a cross ram manifold the 302 put out 550-600 hp
      It smoked every other manufacturer.

    3. I think chevy needs to make another lightweight, stripped down camaro with a 302, as a throw back to the z28 with the dz302.

    4. Funny part is, the Pontiac Trans Am never won a Trans Am race. I think they had 301’s, or 303 V8’s in them. The race cars anyhow.

    5. I like the original Camaro Z/28. A 1967. With a 302 V8, & only 602 produced. What nice cars. Plus vent windows. 👊

    6. William Lumley ,the ’69 DZ 302’s that were running the G.M.Crossram were dynoed @ 452 horses @ the flywheel,not 550-600 horsepower.And that rating was only after those track engines had the G.M.2nd Design Off Road Cam installed along w/other modifications such as a dry sump oil system.B.T.W;that 2nd Design Off Road Cam was the wildest cam G.M.ever used on any of those Z’s.

    7. William Lumley ,also the 302’s were not “stroker motors”.They were actually destroked 327’s.327 block w/a 283 forged steel crank.

    8. Alex Blackburn the copo hot wheels has 302 option

  4. The LT 1 and the suspension. I like the looks of the 69

  5. No, that platitude would be reserved for a 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro 427 / 425.

    1. wouldnt happen to be looking for a best friend are you

  6. This was my favorite but I liked them all up to 1973 !!!

  7. I like both the ‘69, & ‘70 spilt bumper, Z28’s. Both were beasts, with awesome body styles!

  8. Pete kalmens guess you didn’t notice they said z28 Baldwin never made a z28 that was Chevy

  9. Interesting to listen to, but dry.

    I know that in 1970, I had a 440 4 barrel rated at 375 hp. And a 3:55 rear end which was slow for the quarter mile, but would peg out the 150 mph speedometer.

    I race a 70 1/2 Z 28 at IRP only to get trounced.

    1. Sometime in 1970,the N.H.R.A.tested 2 bone stock 1970 1/2 Z28 Camaro’s.They discovered the Z28’s 360 horsepower rating from Chevy was very conservative(due to insurance).The actual horse power was 425 for the 1970 &1/2 LT-1.That was with the factory exhaust manifolds and entire factory dual exhaust.

  10. All Z28 are awesome I love the 70 but nothing will ever compare to the styling and beauty of a 1969

  11. This and the 1st generation Camaros are the only good looking ones.

  12. Nice car but the ‘69 Z-28 was the best in my experience. But the Split Bumpers are coming on strong.

  13. Best Z/28 I prefer the 67 and 68 but most people prefer the 69!

  14. 70/72 Z28 and SS cars are some if the hottest cars on the market now. Add the Rally Sport option and you have a nice investment right now Love my 71 Z

  15. I had a 74, I thought it looked better, they “handled” the same..

  16. My sister had 69 Firebird 350 HO Auto w/ 3:55 rear My brother in law raced and beat his friend 4 times against his 70 1/2 Z/28 4-speed 4:11 rear !

  17. No but are nice second generation cars it’s hard to top the 69 RS SS package. I have the second generation 77 1/2 Z28 bought new not most popular but the first time I could afford a new car.

  18. Actually, the original Z28 was an engine designation for a cross ram 302 ci version of the SBC built for TranAm. I like the original 67 best.

  19. I bought a 71 Z-28 brand new. Had it built a little…maybe 500 hp. Funnest car I ever owned.

  20. 70 1/2 has always been my favorite even though I have oowned a couple of dozen Camaros and Firebirds over the past 40 years.

  21. I had a ‘69 Z, but my friend had a’70 same color as the photo, that ran like a raped ape. Wasn’t even close.

  22. Best car I ever owned. I prefer a 1peace bumper over the spilt bumper..

  23. I owned both 1969 Z 28 and also 1970 1/2 Z 28. But I have to say that the 1970 Camaro drove much nicer than the 69. both nice cars but I prefer the look of the 1970 1/2 Z 28 with a full bumper.

  24. Z/28 302 Trans Am capable was much High Revving fun…

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