1970 Dodge Charger Commercial is Too Awesome For Today’s Televisio

This week’s Flashback Friday video takes us back to 1970, where we get to check out a television advertisement for the newest Dodge Charger 500. (Note: Ignore the Dukes of Hazzard title – that is clearly wrong). This commercial walks us through some of the key features of the classic Mopar muscle car while also showing us that a car like the 1970 Charger has the ladies coming in droves – even to an owner like the guy in this commercial.

The video starts off with a very nerdy-looking individual in his brand new 1970 Dodge Charger and based on what is said, this guy is about to ask this girl to “go steady”…I think. That is when a much hotter girl in a little bikinu comes to the driver’s window to ask about the car. Two more hot girls in hot outfits show up, asking about the Hurst pistol grip shifter, the hide-away headlights and the high-back seats. Before she knows it, the girl from the beginning of the spot is out of the car and the nerdy guy has sped away with the three hot girls in his new Charger.

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9 thoughts on “1970 Dodge Charger Commercial is Too Awesome For Today’s Televisio”

  1. My 69 Charger SE was Gold. Didn’t see many in that color. Loved all Mopar cars since the 60’s.

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