1972 Plymouth GTX / Roadrunner Vs. 1994 Impalla SS with 20’s

This video was to prove that a 318 can be made to make power under low budget applications. Although the block was re-sleeved to except 340 pistons, the engine had a 780 Holley installed after this video and we gained approx 25-35% more HP but we were always messing with the carb, the edelbrock might seem like a small carb for 625cfm but it works well…This is just one of those engines that has response and does not hold back, amazes everyone in our group and people who attempt a take down of this mopar. This is no means the fastest car ever…but it holds its own and i am having fun.

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10 thoughts on “1972 Plymouth GTX / Roadrunner Vs. 1994 Impalla SS with 20’s”

  1. Not impressed! my 01 Ram Air WS6 had a factory top end of 158 mph. Mines built hehehe! My 13 Avalon (Lexus ES 350) top end is 145 been there as well.

    1. I agree my 2012 V-6 Challenger would do 145 mph top end.

  2. didnt suprise me at all,, had a 340 stock eat a gto 389 like a cheeseburger,,

    1. I had both and I would take my GTO over the 340 all day 😜

  3. What is “proper” about two clowns racing to prove what??

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