8 of Chevrolet´s Greatest Engines Throughout History

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68 thoughts on “8 of Chevrolet´s Greatest Engines Throughout History”

    1. no way the only reason people build chevy is because they are cheapskates you can build 2 Chevy engines to 1 ford price wise and Chevy doesn’t hold together I been there done that from the 60s and 70s but each to there own

    2. Bill Sterling plus u can find chevy motors all over the scrapyard, try finding a fprd engine,, u cant… fact

  1. Mine would be the 396 had the best luck never blew one up and my last one was in my 65 impala it ran 11.37 in the quarter and would run 7500 rpm all day and yes it was a roller motor

  2. Uh somebody needs to remind these isiots about the L88 and the LS6. Those are the top of thr Chevy motors thru its history. And if you include a 4 cly. engine in your list, you have a sad sad list.

  3. The 302DZ motor was a monster! My dad drag raced using one. Put out about 400 hp!

    1. I think a couple of us are on the same page about this. LOL

    1. Ford sucks. How many different small and bog blocks did they make, and still didn’t get it right? Windsor had crappy heads, Cleveland had crappy bottom end. Racers had to kludge the two together to make a decent engine.

  4. the L79 350 HP 327 because I had one in a 67 Chevelle 300 Deluxe

  5. I think the Chevy small block was always their best invention. For overall performance and reliability , 283. And the 327. Tough , quick review and easy to get parts aNd work on

    1. You got it had as 65 GMC short box with a 283 awesome had a 60 Willy’s jeep with a 327 not a great jeep eng lucky I’m still alive!

    2. Yeah then you missed it when Chevy took the 283 crank and put it in a 327,
      The 302 was proportionally the most powerful motor Chevy had.
      With a cross ram 2,
      4-barrel carburetors an 8,500 rpm cam and competition headers came in the trunk “69′ Z/28”

  6. Lots more you guys. The 70 LT1 (the one in the Z28 was great, the one in the Vette was great plus), I believe it was in the early-mid 80s that GM produced a 4 cylinder engine ( I think it was a 2 litre or maybe 2.5?????) it had a name ( Banashee or something like that) and in a day when a 225 horsepower V8 was “cool” this 4 banger made a naturally aspirated 200 hp give or take a bit and would rev so high that people would expect someone to yell “timber” when it was wrung out! It was an option in the “Cavalier” or whatever the small car was back then. It didn’t last to long in production i don’t know if that was because of reliablity issues or difficulty meeting emmissions or just because below 3500-4000 rpm it didn’t have bugger all power????

  7. 350 probably the LT1 you can do a lot of stuff for small block Chevys that’s affordable

    1. I agree, everybody doesn’t have a big budget, much more reasonable!

  8. Small block has has been around FOREVER and has withstood the years with improvements as technology advances, so i would have to pick that.

  9. No one has mentioned the very first big block the 348 wow

    1. I remember that engine, it was durable, but it wasn’t a performer, just-like the Ford 352!!

  10. Maybe if a small block Chevy 302 would have been used I’d be happier, but why ruin this experience with a shit Ford motor right from the start, bull shit

  11. The all aluminum 427 and L88 427 and LS6 454 now all we see is 4 door Grandma cars with car crusher value Chevrolet bring back the muscle cars again to do battle against the Hellcat and the new Demon

  12. Man a 55 bel air Red with as 327 ! Not a 572 twin turbo 1000/ HP monster!

  13. For dependable n mileage the 283 i put to a 5speed in my El Camino

  14. my dad had a late model four door P O S car with a vett engine,talk about sleeper car,any car in front of him I would tell my dad beat him too dad,good old days.

  15. L-88 427. Had one and ran it daily in the Chevelle in pic on the left… Had a 4:88 gear and a four speed then..later ran same engine in two different 67 SS Chevelles on the strips. Never had any problems. Loved racing it.

  16. Back in the day, engines like the 406(ford)409(Chevy)421(Pontiac)even the426(hemi) had monster power but they were “HEAVY” , cast iron is heavy as sh**, the hemi, for example, was always a performer but, didn’t start to make a name for itself until mopar started making the block aluminum(to lighten-it up) that’s when the major difference came because it was as light as-a small-block with big-block power,

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