970HP Turbo Mustang BUSTED Street Racing At 140MPH By Coolest Texas Cop Ever

Don’t mess with Texas man! Yes, this means you.

Yes, even you driving American-made muscle cars.

This is a lesson that the dude driving the heavily modified 970HP turbo Ford Mustang in this video learned when the Texas police busted him illegally street racing at a blistering 140 miles per hour.

By the way, there are many killer street racing cars in the video to include a 600HP Vette, a 800HP GTR, and a 600HP S/C Corvette.

You must watch the video to the end to hear just how cool this Texas cop is!

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13 thoughts on “970HP Turbo Mustang BUSTED Street Racing At 140MPH By Coolest Texas Cop Ever”

  1. I know. I know. – shouldn’t be going that fast on the street. It’s dangerous. You could hurt someone else, but when there’s no one else around, and we’re only going to harm ourselves…

    Good on this cop for being logical and reasonable.

  2. How and why you fucking idiots glorify this shit….

  3. thats one evil badass red fast 970hp turbo mustangshowed those other fast cars who has fast car ballshes gone

    1. My first street race was when I was 13 in my grandpas 57 chevy with a 283 & 4.11 gears. Wiped a fix body off the road 👍

  4. I found a cool cop in Tennessee pulled me over doing 128 miles per hour and left me go told me slowed up mother f***** down but awesome job driving it

  5. Dam that cop was cool as shit. Common sense. Badass cars though.

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