Blocked Driveway Revenge

Pissed off home owner pulls car that blocked his driveway into the middle of the street and leaves it there, until the cops show up and vehicle owner returns…

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31 thoughts on “Blocked Driveway Revenge”

    1. I kinda like that he left it there so the owner would know exactly what happened.

  1. I did the same to the renters behind my house ..they blocked my garage so I took my one ton and drug that pos two blocks in front of a hydrant ..waited until it was impounded ..

  2. The person who’s driveway was blocked did the right thing and kept control of any emotional temptations and The Pandora Box .
    Well done .
    I have never ever felt entitled , so I have never blocked another’s driveway , however ,a former neighbor parked like shown in the video with his tires on my grass , killing it , so I parked on his lawn . I went inside my house , used my bathroom, put my groceries away and noticed police in the cul – de – sac . When the police arrived , he was blowing a gasket, I was calmly telling the police what happened .
    The police suggested to my neighbor that he park on his own grass , they never had to come for that problem again .

  3. Never thought of pulling the car so it would pivot on the front tires, good idea.

  4. I’ve done this. Used to have a shop that we used nights across the street from a Moose Lodge. They would park in front of our building every night blocking our overhead doors and using up our parking. This while ignoring our “NO MOOSE PARKING AT ANY TIME” signs. I would go over every night to have them move their cars. Sometimes I would have to go over several times before they would come out to move them…..until We got out our floor Jack’s and lifted the drive wheels off the ground and pulled them into the street. After the third night of doing this they quit parking in our lot.

  5. I’m afraid I would not have been so restrained

  6. Came home one night . The high school across the street was having a football game. Found a corvette in my parking place. I pulled in behind it went in and went to bed. Around 11:30 pm a pounding on my door . You will move you peace of junk ( a 1966 SS Chevelle ) and let me out . Or ill call my father !! Good call I said . Well dear old dad came saw what Jr had done . Ripped him a new one took the keys and the vett as the boys girlfriend looked on . All in all a good night .

  7. There are people this dumb in the world , or they just don’t care .

  8. Fuck yeah. Good thing driver had a tow rope to move that assholes car out the way. Although dang it the cops almost 3 hours before they came out? :-/

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