Can You Imagine Getting Clocked At 208 MPH…This Guy Did!

Sometimes you get pulled over for minor traffic violations or for barely going over the speed … and it’s frustrating. But this guy had it coming. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrested 19-year-old Hector Fraire after an officer clocked him doing 84 MPH. You might say that’s not too terribly bad….

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86 thoughts on “Can You Imagine Getting Clocked At 208 MPH…This Guy Did!”

  1. A lot of Mustangs can go 208 MPH. Depends on how they are set up. This should be no shock.

    1. Donald Scott terminal velocity … not getting close to 200

  2. Bullshit that mustang would have drove into a crowd at 40 mph!!!!!

    1. Seth- he didn’t engage the crowd disbursal switch.

  3. Its one thing to drive like this on a deserted road or an old track.Driving this fast on interstate and populated areas put lives in danger.

  4. Can you imagine a mustang going 208 Mph? It must have an LS swap.

  5. Takes someone even a special a Shelby to make a Mustang go fast and this kid probably doesn’t have one of those cars from the looks of them yes looks can be deceiving but no Mustang doing 208 without some very good engineers and mechanics behind it so 208 not believable

    1. If someone wants to kill their car just tune the fuck out of it with cheap upgrades. Will break 200 for a bit until it blows a rod or worse. It’s cheap to build a mustang, I mean stock they’re pretty decent on power so 200+ isn’t unheard of.

    2. Your probably on the mark. If it was doing 208 mph it would be interesting to see the setup. The radar likely jammed giving an incorrect reading.

  6. Those Coyote motors can run Ford all the way

  7. I”m from CA, what road can you open up on, to hit 100, let alone 208?

    1. I-80 East & 1-80 West.From S.f. to Sacramento & Sac back to S.f.!I-80,100 mph is easy & often hit on this stretch.

  8. Im thinking the only way to make a run of the mill Mustang to go 208mph is to push it out of an airplane…

    1. That wouldn’t do it. Terminal velocity is only about 120mph.

    2. Lmao……well thank you Professor it was a joke….i bet you’re a blast at parties….

    3. I’m glad you picked up on that. I’m freaking hilarious, and a ball at parties. Don’t believe me, hold my beer, I got this.

  9. Must have been a Hemi inside of that Mustang or it was going downhill of a mountain

    1. All engines are hemi (hemispheric) and dodge is dead wholly owned by chrysler now wholly owned by fiat now way a fiat (dodge) will do it either.

    2. hemis did that in 1971, 216 + mph stock 426, google that,,

  10. Still can’t believe this. Oklahoma roads suck would have crashed at 180.

  11. Glad they got him. Hope they put him away for a very long time.

  12. Susan Hampton is this the guy you told me about in a mustang tom OKC

  13. The only way this could have happened is if they caught him in a Camaro.

  14. Why the hell stop? I wouldn’t have cause ur probably going to jail dumbass!

  15. Ha alot of asshurting chebbie guys in here crying cause there l.s won’t even hit 140

  16. Radar guns don’t go that high an police cars don’t go that fast, so I reckon that clocked an ran him down on foot

  17. Dam i wish i could go that fast but mu car will only go 120

    1. O pour babby been going fast your. Holelife ..LOL thats faster te u need t go …

  18. not very bright! You can’t out run the radio, moron!

  19. Change that to kilometers per hour and it would be much more believable.

  20. I don’t believe a Mustang can go that fast,
    a GT40 perhaps
    Those cops better recalibrate their detection device

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