Which Mustang is Best Mustang?

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11 thoughts on “Which Mustang is Best Mustang?”

  1. Ok older Mustang would be a 1969 Boss 429. The newer ones a 2006 Mustang. I had a 2006 and really liked it. I only had it for 33 days. I found out I could afford the car I really wanted a 2010 Dodge Challenger. Can not stand the very new Mustangs. They’re to rounded off all the way around the car. But the 2006 model was the best looking retro fast back Mustang.

  2. None of them. Since no one seams to know how to drive them… Lol

  3. If it were me judging I’d say the ’69 mostly because to me they look the best out of any of the ones I’ve seen

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