Mustang And GTO Race Ends BADLY For The Mustang

Mustang And GTO Race Ends BADLY For The Mustang! The video descriptions says that driver who took the video check on the drivers and they were okay!

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  1. Nope, stangs are known for being the original muscle car, the only ones in production for 53 plus years non stop, the more innovative and track capable muscle car, the only one with a flawless racing history and with the more wins, and the one chevy and mopar had always been used to see it’s taillights..and always behind on technology, the one with more fans allover the planet, more clubs, etc etc etc….

    1. Mustangs are absolutely positively NOT THE ORIGINAL MUSCLECAR. The undisputed ORIGINAL MUSCLECAR is the 1964 Pontiac GTO. The Mustang is the original pansy car.

    2. Jaime Alberto Acosta Gto is the car that beat the mustang in the video dumbass haha 😂

    3. Alex Gonzales I don’t freaking care lol who beat who, gto is another chevy long dead zombie that appeared on scene once and then again 40 years apart as a rebadged holden junk,and another chevy joke brand whose cars fell apart just by looking at them..and no one would race in a wet road

    4. DeMarcus D. Rob Robinson lol who in their right minds race on a wet road?? Tell me about the shelby Gt350R the monster track car…and all the racing ford legends…😝you guys are funny

    5. Jaime Alberto Acosta the only times a mustang is fast is when there a chevy engine under the hood haha 😂

    6. Jaime Alberto Acosta , My neighbor has a ’64 GTO three houses down the street. A buddy has one in Griffin, GA. I can put together a long list. How much time do you have?

    7. DeMarcus D. Rob Robinson could it be due to the fact all idiots that can’t drive lose control of cars? It happens to ANY single torquey rwd, and there are more stangs on the road than the others..

    8. I hate to argue with you but stangs are the the original muscle car. Oldsmobile started it when they introduced the rocket back in late 50s.

    9. Jaime Alberto Acosta, because they’re cheap, that’s why it more on the road, and guess what……… it’s even more than that in the junk yards!!!!!!

    10. Kelly Kimura , I beg to differ. John Delorean was working in the Pontiac Division of General Motors when he came up with the ideas of manufacturing a light car with a big engine. The GTO was the very first performance targeted American car built specifically following this formula. Other manufacturers soon cashed in on the idea but Pontiac did it first. And I’m not a Pontiac Guy. I’ve never even owned a Pontiac.

    11. DeMarcus D. Rob Robinson so your argument is that altimas, camrys, accords are cheap and therefore you see them everywhere right?? So, a popular car whatever it is that costs you over 30 grand is cheap and is everywhere not for being good or popular but for being “cheap”…🤣go to Europe and everywhere else and ask people what American car they dream of own, a MUSTANG..Lol you make no sense at all and yes, I’ve been to junkyards and hardly see a stang but 99% mopars from all ages..

    12. Listen, im a Mustang and a Ford fan myself. But lets be honest here. Your statement is pure opinion, not fact. Chevrolet beat mustang in the Trans Am race series regularly.
      And if you want to get technical, the Mustang was not the original muscle car. The 64-65 GTO ‘s were terrorizing the streets and tracks when the mustang came out. And it was only available with a 6 or a 289. It was dubbed “the secretaries car” until Carroll Shelby got his hands on it. Then it became a Muscle Car from Ford.

    13. Johnny Mula I wonder then why the camaro and the charger/ challenger/ amc etc all appeared on scene by 1967…they wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the mustang…and I don’t think you are real fan lol chevy racing history is a joke compared to ford racing allover the planet

  2. What kind of idiot races in the rain? Could’ve happened just as easily to whoever was driving the GTO! For me it still goes down to, Just because you got the money to buy a hot car, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the brains or skills to operate it!

    1. Exactly. Any of us with cars sporting tons of torque know, if you HAVE to be on wet roads, take it slow and steady. These guys are consummate morons.

  3. Still can’t figure out what the deal is with Mustang Owners.

    1. Jaime Alberto Acosta , I’ve owned and raced NOVAs for over thirty years both as a hobby and professionally. Wet or Dry, it will do what it’s supposed to if I set the car up and I’m behind the wheel. I have also wrenched on hundreds of Mustangs. I don’t hate the cars. The problem is that so many of them are owned by morons.

  4. You have to be a special kind of stupid to punch it in a muscle car when the road is wet.

  5. And the music was playing “all by myself” “don’t wanna be”…

  6. Anyone that had driven a Mustang knows STAY OUT OF THE GAS IN RAIN !!

  7. never to that in the rain driving a mustang.. its going side ways

  8. C’mon! Known for it? Any high powered rear wheel drive car is screwed there. Mustang or not. Gotta know better in those conditions to not drop the hammer.

  9. Street racing is dangerous in itself. But to race in the rain? C’mon now kids. Use a little bit of common sense here…..

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