Quite possibly the RAREST Mustang in the world! ONLY 2 IN THE WORLD!

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27 thoughts on “Quite possibly the RAREST Mustang in the world! ONLY 2 IN THE WORLD!”

    1. In 1970 they were short on c6, I have a factory fmx in my original 4v Cleveland Mustang

  1. Wow in Germany they bought a auto a 4 speeds would of been the perfect mustang but I could give a shit if called a T5

  2. Clevelands came with c4,s also I’ve had sevral c4,s fill tube in pan 70/71 torino some Windsor cars also

  3. Who cares if it has a “T5” badge, it’s still a 1971 Mach 1. I love Mach 1’s, but 1971 and up are UGLY and I don’t consider them a Mustang.

    1. Was not made there, it was exported there. The export code was T5….they couldn’t market these as a Mustang because Mustang was the name of a large German bicycle manufacturer. So they were given the T5 designation.

    1. ya the 69 is one of 4 built in those colors and motor options and dont know if other 3 are still around

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