Review/Breakdown: 1971 Plymouth hemicuda Convertible

Ahh, a bright yellow and white 1971 Plymouth ‘cuda convertible, powered by the legendary 426 Hemi V8. Truly a fantasy machine for just about every red-blooded gear head, Plymouth fan or not. Only 11 were built with the Hemi, and it’s important to note that just 374 1971 ‘cuda convertibles were produced in total, so they are pretty rare, no matter what’s under the hood. This combination of an angry Hemi in a summertime fun drop-top ‘cuda might seem like a mismatch, but that’s part of the mystique of these cars. From The Brothers Collection.

33 thoughts on “Review/Breakdown: 1971 Plymouth hemicuda Convertible”

  1. The Cuda as well as the Chargers and Challengers are all Iconic muscle cars right at the top of the list! No slight to Ford or Chevy just saying MOpar or No car!!

  2. This the only American muscle car convertible I like. Not a convertible fan but on a Cuda of yeah.

  3. Before I love to have this car…yours truly; gear head

  4. Bad ass ride, wish I could have this car !! I have a 1967 Barracuda convertible with a 408 stroker engine 727 trans 3500 shall convertor, 8 3/4 – 3.55 gears!

  5. Smoking car Mopar Muscle drop top and that particular car was in a TV series if u remember

  6. Most beautiful muscle car made. Wish my Formula S was a 71 Hemi Cuda Convertible. Hell, I’d love the hard top!

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