Sleeper Ford Falcon GT shows Gallardo who is the boss!!!

So, you are driving along in your Lamborghini Gallardo down the highway full of yourself that the 5.2 Liter V-10 can crush everything on its path and you happen to roll up on a bright yellow old muscle car.

You are probably doing the math in your head even if you are an avid muscle enthusiast that this old Ford Falcon GT, has the Cleveland V-8 under the hood and that is good for 300 horses stock so even modified up to the 550 number of your car, it still has a huge disadvantage over the brand-new Italian (well actually German since Audi bought Lamborghini) sports car so why not race the old man right?
Well! Wrong! As the owner of this Lambo is about to find out, old muscle is not to be taken lightly since apparently they will whoop your European ass.
Watch the video to see who’s the boss in this old vs. new race.

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42 thoughts on “Sleeper Ford Falcon GT shows Gallardo who is the boss!!!”

  1. Did anybody else notice that was not a Ford Falcon it was a Dodge Dart Mopar baby

    1. Yeah I realize that too after I looked at it but it sure carries a lot of Dodge Dart

    1. Australian GT ford falcon . 351 or 5.8 . fasterst 4 door sedan in the world back in 1971.

  2. It’s not a damned Dart or a Mopar of any sort. It’s an Australian Ford Falcon GT.

  3. I can’t even understand what the Lambo-douches are even saying …Perhaps they have inhaled entirely too much Axe body spray or swallowed too much cologne?

  4. More than you can afford pal, lambo…..smoke em…aussie ford hold my beer I got this one

  5. fastest aussie ford in the late 60s … fastest production car of its day when released… HO GT FALCON….

    1. Ahhhh but that ford is heavily modified and it wont go round corners, stick twin turbos on the lambo and remap it he wouldnt stand a chance

  6. Well, it is a Ford. And they do have a reputation for beating the shit out of exotics. Just ask Ferrari. Not once, not twice, not three times, but 4 Times!

  7. All you idiots waxing on about it being a dodge, search 1971 Xu fathom falcon phase III on youtube, google, whatever you want to inform yourself before commenting. Americans are not making themselves out to be terribly bright on here insisting it’s a f$@king dart when Aussies know what a dart looks like as well! Lol

    1. 1971 XY falcon rather…

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