Steering wheel restoration

The aesthetic impact of a nice steering wheel is important, as is safety, comfort and your own personal preferences. All of these are valid reasons to replace an old worn, cracked unit with something a little more uptown.

This article ends with a list of Steering wheel re builders.

There was a time when you could walk into the nearest auto parts establishment and buy a cover for a worn-out steering wheel, which was an off the shelf item when I had my first car. Those days are long gone, although these are still easy to come by if you look in the right place, but this is a short term solution. The quick option may work in a pinch, but there are also a few more permanent solutions available to deal with a damaged, worn out or simply a lack-luster steering wheel. Many off the shelf aftermarket wheels are around to choose from in your favorite parts supply house. The best choice for your classic may be to have the original wheel rebuilt to look as close to exactly like the assembly line version as possible.

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The core of your classic car steering wheel outer ring is most likely a steel frame coated with a plastic resin a later model might have a carbon fiber core. A steering wheel made prior to the fifties could be a composition material or leather that can break down over time and disintegrate making a cover or refinishing the wheel a necessity.

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It is not difficult to remove the steering wheel. Disconnect the horn button and any other electronics that are associated to keep them from shorting out. You will need a basic tool kit and wheel puller to remove the wheel from the steering column in most cases. Some wheels can be pulled without the aid of a puller tool, but if you try this be certain to leave the center nut hanging on to the bolt by a few threads to keep a stubborn wheel from hitting you when it finally comes loose. You will also want to take a little extra care when the wheel is replaced. The steering wheel, the splines on the steering shaft and the front wheels must be all in the proper position when the splines of the wheel are fitted to the column. The wheel placement must be exactly in alignment with the front wheels as they point straight ahead for the correct and most comfortable driving hand position.

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List of steering wheel restorers:

  • Atlanta Auto Restoration will refinish or repair a cracked wheel using long lasting urethane over the resin base plastic and can duplicate the original. They will also do a custom wheel to make your classic a little more personal. Two tone-simulated wood are all possible here

Atlanta Auto Restoration in Atlanta, Georgia

Call 770-946-8949 –

Backwards Unlimited , Poulsbo, Wa.

Jim & Ingrid Ellis 360-697-1471


Backwards Unlimited will rebuild a plastic steering wheel for your classic car, airplane or boat. Two tone can be done as well as simulated wood finish to suit any need, They specialize in plastic resin and will repair or completely refinish any wheel to your satisfaction and have done so since 1975.

  • Gary’s Steering Wheel Restorations, Pennsylvania 717-248-5646

Gary will fully stand behind his work to guarantee customer satisfaction since 1983. Foreign or domestic custom or original Any Mopar, Ford, General Motors product can be reproduced here. They specialize in wooden wheels.

  • Jay in California has been restoring steering wheels to the highest standards using urethane and plastic resin. He specializes in ’68 Mustang-Shelby-an expert with all ’69-’73 Ford-Mercury- Lincoln products

Call Jay 805-824-5002



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