Traffic blocker becomes Hood Ornament

St Louis June 9 2017~ Blocking traffic, stopping innocent people from going about their business, surrounding them, yelling and putting them in fear. Yes, you should be bounced off the hood of the car.

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479 thoughts on “Traffic blocker becomes Hood Ornament”

  1. Nope, I’d give them one warning then it’s foot to the floor.

  2. thats why u get a big truck and just start doing donuts in the middle of the crowed lol

  3. As if you needed any other reason to stop for these idiots…

  4. Uh…no If they are stupid enough to want get run over…then I have no sympathy for them.

  5. I’ll run you over and record the sound your head makes when it pops

  6. For what. Not getting more. If a mob blocks a road I’m on , it’s not going to end well

  7. I would backed up over the fat bitch more than once lucky it wasnt me

  8. Hey you want to play in traffic , your going to get run down. Use your brain. Lol. Oh wait they have none.

  9. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play in the streets? Blocking the flow of traffic, jail time and pay for the damages to the car!

  10. Those idiots blocking traffic should also be liable for damage to vehicle!!!!

  11. Hell no she stood in the road like a IDIOT. She got what was coming to any person blocking the road. Only police and national gaurd or road constuction workers are allowed to redirect traffic.

  12. Now they have to Lysol the car to get the “Nasty” off…:(

  13. Why are we even asking this question? What did our parents teach us? When there is a car coming in the street, get the Fuck out of the street so you don’t get RUN OVER, DUMB ASSES!! When did it become ok to play in traffic?

  14. Hell no. Stupid ass people want to stand and block traffic, stupid ass people need ran over! Some people are so fucking stupid these days!

  15. Terrorists that block traffic should be moved out of the way with extreme force. Hope there is no justice for the punk They are chanting for

  16. The only problem I see is he wasn’t going fast enough ! If you mess with the bull you get the horns!!!

  17. Someone needs to tell fat ass when you play in traffic you sometimes get hit by cars there needs to be in federal law enacted that has real teeth for people who block traffic they’re not just stopping normal traffic. But emergency traffic amateurs firetrucks police cars

  18. I’d say the people in the car were just protecting themselves from crazyass mfer’s I’d do the same

  19. Damn right they should be held responsible. Those medals must go somewhere

  20. yeah standing in the street, totally unorganized and lacking structure, based on an emotionally impulsive whim to make a so called difference, blocking traffic, and pissing people off, is how you advance the narrative behind your protest in a functional way that ultimately creates progress…said no successful activist ever…get a grip you morons

  21. When someone said go play in traffic she listened,,,,Lmfao….

  22. That was funny!!!!! Just hit THEM with hornet spray in the face they’ll move!!!°

  23. She should not have had her fat a$$ in the way the start with !!!

  24. Get her ass on the sidewalk were she should be, some people are just stupid and always try to start shit.

  25. If I’m in my car and I’m in fear of my life. I promise you I’m not going to sit still and get beat up

  26. Watch this welfare tub of guts gets hers if these people had jobs they would not have time for all this bs I bet the ones doing this are minty per cent on welfare

  27. I would be careful not to damage your Hemi. It’s not the cars fault.

  28. If they want to impersonate a bump in the road…SO BE IT!!! No Blame!

  29. I think they should be punishable by law and get thrown in pens. sounds like some states are going to be doing just that! In reality i think the time serve will be best because this is a huge safety issue it caused road rage, violence, people getting killed, vandalism etc. I think law enforcement should gas the area and take them down load the bus and turn them in!


  31. She got what she deserved should have moved out of the fucking way

  32. That should be a red spot and a chalk outline on the road

  33. No. The police should get this trash out of the street but since they don’t and they do nothing to prevent this mob BS this is what happens you run over this trash.

  34. I like the hornet spray or a very strong May they make a type that campers use on bears I think if that was a problem in my area I might try that before I’d end up my beautiful giant four wheel drive truck because next thing is I’m definitely running a bitch ass asses over

  35. Driver did the good thing get the fuck out of the road you fat dumbass

  36. No, the driver should not be charged. That’s ridiculous. No where is there any law saying people have the right to Block the roadway, protesting or not.

  37. Oh, Lordy! I hope that person is okay — the driver that is, after their air bag deployed.

  38. No fucking way!!!!! Get out of the street, you have absolutely no business blocking public roads!!!!!

  39. What the hell she was standing in the street for in the first place. Stopping car she can’t be in NY they would have run her ass over we don’t play that. .

  40. Hell no!! You wanna play in the streets like that I say hammer down bitch an hold my BEER!!!!#

    1. She is fat shaming us, Welfare is so extreme now they wobble out into traffic and can’t get out of the way. Shame on us.

  41. Nope. I have done it before and will do it again if need be.

  42. If you don’t have a bumper or a license plate on your ass get outta the street! Lucky it wasn’t me I would’ve backed up to make sure she knew I was there!

  43. I’m glad I didn’t do it but, I’m glad someone did it. This is not how we protest in the United States.

    1. I would have slowly pushed her all the way home and hit the McDonald’s drive-through while I was at it.

  44. , if you’re stupid enough to stand in the street and block traffic whatever happens to you you deserve

  45. idiots, didn’t your crack head momma proud seance into you fat mellon? lol

  46. He should run that fat ass over then back up to make sure you got it.

  47. Should the driver be held responsible? Here’s what I saw. A driver trying to get the person to move. Emotions escalating, a crowd gathering, and a driver that is now in fear for their safety and trying to leave the area but being prevented from doing so because they do not want to cause bodily harm.

    1. I think this reaction was born out the beating of Reginald Denny and bearing that in mind is completely defensible.

    2. Totally agree. I probably would have floored it as well. Beats getting a brick to the head.

  48. She got what she deserved, should have moved her fat ass when she had the chance!

  49. Nope – she should be for obstructing the flow of traffic, harassment and anything else a cop can think of while arresting her!

  50. People have no right to block you from driving down the street take responsibility for your actions look to me like his foot slipt off the brake

  51. The protestor should be liable for any damage to the car.

  52. Just do a big smokey burnout, I would go until my tires burst, lol let em gag on smoke!

  53. I have just one thing to say here, bahahahahahahahahaha

  54. Hell no the driver shouldn’t be held responsible. Didn’t these idiots learn not to play in the road.

  55. Run em over and make them pay for damage to your car. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  56. See what eating 40 cheeseburger’s a day does to you. She was bigger then the car.

  57. Everyone that feels threatened during these riots that runs over idiots should never face jail time never

  58. These idiots doing this are doing it by choice. They are grownups blocking traffic, playing in the streets, not children. They deserve what they get. People are tired of these assholes disrupting their day to day commuting.

  59. I think it should be consider a suicide if someone puts them self on front of a moving car. HELLO STUPID PEOPLE. STREETS WITH CARS ARE NOT A PLACE TO HOLD YOUR ROITS.

  60. Sad part, ill bet time police are visiting the owner of that car for hit and run charges… Looks like suicide by Dodge, good on the driver!

  61. U can’t fix stupid people so run them down and maybe if they live they might not try it again

  62. A 300 pounder and a 3700 pound automobile……auto wins every time….physics….some laws cannot be ignored by the libturds…..

  63. If you’re stupid enough to block traffic you’re stupid enough to go to the hospital

  64. fat fucking bitch,,, I would run her ass over…plus it is against the law to block traffic,,,,,,

  65. Driver is not responsible, fucking Democrat party that supports these Idiots are

  66. He should have filed charges on her for damage to his car.

  67. Where were the police !. People doing this should not be run over, But arrested !. If the police were allowed to do their JOB, Instead of being ordered to stand down, by a clown ass mayor/etc.

    1. If you stop to wait for them to move out of your way you are justifying their purpose……also encouraging more to do the same thing.

    2. We need to set an example for them and turn this crap around.

    3. By running someone over, just drops you to their level, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  68. the fat cow needs to spend some time in jail not the driver ..

  69. No people should not block roads I say if they don’t move on the count of 3 push em the fuck out of the way they should get a real job instead being lazy asses blocking the fucking roads

  70. You want to protest? Fine. Do it on the sidewalk and get the fuck out of the street!

  71. Of course not the fat bitch should be where she belongs………….sat in McDonald’s or on the pavement (sidewalk). you wanna mess with 2 Tonne of steel you better expect to get fucked up!

  72. No that fat bitch should be. Responsible for body damage

  73. Should have backer up and made sure to run over the fat POS.

  74. Just because she is 400 pounds she thinks she can stop a car. Wild guess here,she lives on food stamps(from the looks of her she gets 3 peoples food stamps) welfare, free phone, free housing and what ever else she can get free, I guess that explains the standing in trafficlike some dumb ass.

  75. Yeah there is no question they did the right thing they’re lucky that they didn’t get out of the car and start a riot. Those people are stupid they’re putting themselves in danger In Harm’s Way, and they got exactly what they deserved.

  76. The lady needs to be charged for damage to the car if any should have broke both her legs she should have been in a road to begin with

  77. No that nut in the street should be held accountable

  78. I have to wonder where people commiting on this were raised. All of this didn’t there mother ever teach them when a car was comming to get out of the road? Didn’t there mothers ever tell them the golden rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  79. just how does dispupting traffic threatening drivers achieve justice for anyone, if somebody deliberately blocks me I will be in fear of my life and use my stand your ground rights to move out of the deadly situation

  80. too damn big to be a hood ornament on my car. now my truck is another story

  81. I think the driver handled it better than I would have. I would have floored it

  82. The driver of the vehicle shown is doing their best to corral the heffer . Before a single human being was hurt .

    It is unclear , perhaps the driver is a farmer , knows the farmer , or knows a farmer , or maybe the driver is old enough to have received common sense before they apparently run out of it .

    No humans . None . No humans were harmed .

    God Bless our selfless loving farmers .

  83. Not a chance … people surround my car with my family…threatening me and my family …I will show u the torque of a mustang launching in first gear

  84. Hahaha good. You don’t block traffic….that’s all.

  85. Well the person that size blocking the car should be held with a charge of force able confinement stopping some one from there free will is a charge up to 5 years in prison !!!! They are not the law or an officer so they don’t have a right to stop anyone doing what they want to do !!!!!! How would you feel if some one told you that you not allowed to eat food !!!!!well exactly my point …….

  86. Get out of the way or suffer the consequences of stupidity

  87. That’s what they get didn’t any of these people parents teach them to stay out the road fuck em run them all down they want to be road kill fine let them

  88. Big tough guys when its a car load of girls. Try that in Oklahoma with a truck load of rednecks. See how long you block the road. Lmbo.

  89. She’d become a Huge Wet spot behind my Truck.. Don’t stand in my way,, or else,,

  90. Driver should have rolled up windows, put car in park and called police. Then remain on the phone with 911 until police arrived. If at any point the protesters become aggressive either hitting your car, breaking you windows then move forward in whatever speed needed to protect yourself while informing the 911 operator of your actions. Protesters were clearly in the wrong here. Hard to say if driver will be charged here or not.

    1. Shut the fuck up retard you don’t get the stand in the streets and block traffic ever

    2. Shane Hansen very intelligent response. Why don’t you run someone over and let’s see how that works out for ya.

  91. Cruelty to a pork product !!! Just kidding . ha should have backed up and finish the job .

  92. I wouldn’t hit that cow !!! Hurt the car more then anything !!!

  93. Well, That’s the biggest speed bump I’ve ever seen!!!!

    Hope it’s my last!!!

  94. Awesome congratulations Run that fat bitch over, can’wait. to run one over,I would back up and run her over again to make sure she’s fucken dead!!!!!❤️

  95. He deserved what he got. I bet he won’t block no more traffic, lol.

    1. Omg your getting more like your brother all the time Shaun 1 of him is more than enough :-)

  96. I would of got out and drug her fat ass by her hair across the street and kicked her in the ass for good measure…lol if your dumb enough to stand in front of a vehicle blocking someone right of way on purpose then you get what you deserve..

    1. I don’t know why he didn’t back over her to make sure she was ok…🤣

  97. I am not going to stop if they stand in front of me. Stopping and rolling up windows is no option, as most of the time they have clubs, or may be armed.

  98. Yeah, if you wade into a gator infested river, don’t be surprised if you get bit by a gator. Take responsibility dumbass.

  99. If you’re too stupid to get out of the road, expect the worst.

  100. No the one blocking traffic should be. You have the right to protest peacefully but not block traffic!

  101. No way driver is within his rite if police would arrest an jail the protestors this wouldnt happen

  102. In all honesty she’s way too huge to be an ornament, but a jack stand or a wheel chalk…. perfect

    1. I’m surprised she didn’t total his car. If he was going faster it probably would have. She’s a biggun.

  103. I pay a license fee to drive on the street, not stand there!

  104. Anyone who blocks traffic like that deserves to get their ass run the fuck over. City streets…back roads…highways…these areas belong to vehicles…not morons who want to do nothing but cause mayhem. The person in this video got exactly what was coming to them.

  105. Not only should it be ok to hit them but they should have to pay to get the dents out your vehicle!

  106. Stand in front of my car and I would not wait as long. Get out of my way or become a road patch!

  107. Just drive over the flakes. It is called cleaning the gene pool

  108. i don’t know what they are protesting about, but they should not block the road

  109. A few more like that they could resurface the road, enough oil there to get a good job done.

  110. Awesome. Fat bitch got what she needed. And that black pos needs a good beating!

  111. hell no,, i wouldve got a better chuckle if a big rig come by there n splattered em

  112. These idiots deserve what they get if they get ran over. Get the f*** out of the street

  113. HELL NO. Get the hell out of the road! If the protest is “non violent ” then why are they blocking traffic and confronting people that have nothing to do with it? Hold your stupid protest on the sidewalk.

  114. No the driver should not be charged the bitch got just what she deserved stay the hell out of the road and this want happen

  115. Holding a person against their will is kidnapping. I’d say the people in the Chrysler were in a sense being held hostage. I’d have done the same thing.

  116. Hell no. But that fat bitch should be held responsible for damages to his car.

  117. The truth is . He didnt have enough gas to drive ALL the way around her.

  118. People are taught while children that streets are for cars…you olay in the street you lose….its not the drivers fault…if she did that to me….she would be under my car!!!! thump…thump

  119. If the driver got out of the car the mob would have attack him. Get out of the situation quickly.

  120. Run That Fat Fuck over get out of the street you dumb ass

  121. if the idiots want to stand in the road and try to block traffic then they are asking for someone to do this.get the hell out of the road dumbass.

  122. No Assholes like that need to be pushed out of the way .

  123. This bitch got less than she deserved, I’d have run over her ass, not just knocked her on it !

  124. That was some funny shit,fat bitch should’ve got out the way!

  125. Hell NO the road is where u drive not stand in it because ur a jackass trying 2 get the wrong attention

  126. If they show any violence at all toward you start shooting them all

  127. HELL NO , if it aint a cop or flagger stopping traffic run their asses over !!!

  128. Run over there stupid ass, you play in the road it’s king pin bowling for free !!!!!!!!!!

  129. Nope , she got off light. Should have kept bumping her big ass and just rolled her down the street till she lost fifty pounds.

  130. I would floor that gas pedal smoke them tires and flatten that bitch !!

  131. To bad it didn’t kill the fat bitch what kind of person stands in the road just let Darwinism take over and do it’s job

  132. shame it did not kill her then they could scream justice for her and Isaih

  133. Hahahahaha. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Don’t want to stand in front of me.

  134. The assholes should go block the railroad tracks and see what happens!

  135. If people are dumb enough to stand in the road they should not be surprised when they get ran over or expect the driver to be charged with a crime

  136. He should sue her (I think it’s a her) for damages to his car.

  137. The first ten warnings did not make a difference. A little road rash might help her think about doing that again.

  138. Hell no if you are dumb enough to block the rode I’m not stoping in fact I’m spending up

  139. Stupidity is a self inflicted disease, she was obviously given an extreme infliction of it and should have gotten exactly what she asked for! Only difference is that i probably would have damaged my car and would have told my insurance that i hit a old cow in the road!

  140. The driver is not responsible for the actions of a DUMB ASS!!!

  141. Good I am glad they did that me I would of become my bumper

  142. Damn someone should have called “GREEN PEACE” we have a beached whale & it needs rescued! !! First she is OUTSIDE OF THE CROSS WALK…jay walking…illegal to block traffic…in fear for my life….lets start defending ourselves.

  143. Omg fear for your life run the Dumb fuckers over end of STORY.

  144. No, they are blocking the road and a mob forms around the car. To protect him and his wife he made the right choice.

  145. My momma told me you play in the street you could get run over by a car. Nuff said

  146. There was a hippo in front of his car. A hippo can do a lot of damage when enraged or hungry. The driver did the right thing by getting said hippo out of the way without damaging his car.

  147. If the dumbass is enough of a dumbass to stand in front of a 2000 pound car they get what they deserve.

  148. There are several people setting examples of how not to get ran over……even the black guy is smart enough to stand on the side of the car.

  149. Protesting in the middle of the road like that, becomes harassment, which is illegal and so is threatening. Property damage is also. That pavement may now be damaged.

  150. No the driver should get a “pat” on the back….. The stupid ass bitch should go to prison for being a fat bitch holding up traffic!

  151. Roll down the window, point a can of bear spray. It’s good for about fifty feet. They’ll move.

  152. Fat ass move it I have a job to go to how about you ???

  153. Stand your stupid ass in front of me and you will see what will happen

  154. NO! Fat lazy worthless fuckin PIG! She’d fill-in several pot HOLES!

  155. Good … I wouldve done the same thing….self defense…. period.

  156. Nope. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Get the fuck out of the road! And how exactly does blocking tracfic get justice for Isaiah?

  157. No her for being in the the road like a ass hole.stand in the road .then u get whats comeing to u dumb ass.

  158. Absolutely not. Stupid protesters in the middle of the roads, blocking traffic. Driver did what needed to be done to avoid being attacked. If that hippo of a girl wouldn’t move then she deserved what she got. No jury will find the driver at fault.

  159. Stupid woman! In America? Lucky someone in the car didn’t pull out a gun and shoot her. Stay off the road unless you’re at a legal crossing dumb-ass!

  160. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think I would look good as a hood ornament.

  161. Yes they got exactly what they deserved you blocked my car for no good reason and I’ve done nothing wrong I’m just trying to get to work or trying to get to the store or the hospital or the doctor I’m going to run you over

  162. When are these fuckin idiots gonna learn we dont give a rats ass about ur protest or ur single digit iq stupidity jump in front of my car n see what happens ….

  163. Alot of angry people out there! There’s NEVER an excuse to use your vehicle as a weapon! What’s wrong with you people. I bet you all voted for the orange goo too! What if she had some sort of mental disability? All of you idiots need to seriously grow up and maybe find God, ask for forgiveness. Walk a mile….

  164. Lawsuit! File against that fukin whale bitch trying to hurt a car like that. Idiot bitch!

  165. Yes. Did everybody forget pedestrians have the right away. Also using your car as a weapon is wrong.

  166. I wouldn’t open myself up to legal action by intentionally hitting someone with my car.blocking the road or not

  167. My corvette can’t run over a fat bitch but it won’t be from a lack of trying.

  168. If they won’t move, they’re threatening the driver – run ’em over. They had the chance to move.

  169. Absolutely not ! Look out the side window and act like you didn’t see them .

  170. Move bitch, get out the way
    Get out the way bitch, get out the way
    Move bitch, get out the way
    Get out the way bitch, get out the way…

  171. No it is illegal to be in a road. If you can’t see that your stupid and don’t need to leave home without supervision. We are tired of this stupid shit. Get a job and stop preventing us from doing ours! We are the ones paying for your free shit!

  172. I don’t see the issue here. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Get out of the road you degenerates.

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