1970 Chevrolet Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS6 Unrestored with 4305 Miles

We’re looking at a 1965 Chevrolet Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS6 engine, ALL original and unrestored with only 4305 original miles on the car. Today we start up the engine and discuss details.

The car’s Owner is David Beem. David’s heard rumors of “The Urban Legend” unrestored low mileage Chevelle SS 454 with a LS6 motor that was sitting since the 1970’s, but No one had seen the car. However….one day he was introduced to Cory Peterson (who’s in the video), the Salesman of the “Rumored Car” and Cory knew where the car was stored, and was kind enough to share it with David. And as the story is told, here is the “Rumored Car”.

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62 thoughts on “1970 Chevrolet Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS6 Unrestored with 4305 Miles”

  1. 70 Buick Stage I. Is the fastest followed by Olds 442 W30. Then the Chevelle.

  2. Beautiful car but really hard to believe a 47 yr old car only has 4300 miles

  3. Are we only talking General Motors vehicles here? Because I’m pretty sure a Cuda with a 426 hemi would eat this car!!!

    1. A friend of mine has a 70 chevelle with a built 454 under the hood and he’s running a 150hp shot of nitrous oxide. And it can’t keep up with another friends cuda that’s only had head work done to it and a cam!!! The cuda is basically a street car with street tires. The chevelle was built for the strip and has slicks on the rear. The chevelle puts down 780hp with the nitrous. The cuda puts down 746hp all motor. I’ve drove and ridden in both cars and I love both of them! But in the quarter mile I’ll take that 426 any day!!!

    2. I don’t think it would eat the LS6. Maybe the stock 454.

    3. had a friend who had a built 454,chevelle 383 roadrunner outrun him 2 times in a row,, fact

    4. Brandon Tyler Harder if you think someone got a Hemi to pump out 746 hp with only head work, then your delusional, the Hemis a good engine, but no engine pumps out those numbers with only head work.

  4. I had one also 67 comaro. 67 Nova two super sport. And a 79 vet .plus a 67 Nova wagon gaser it was a race car. Fast one. Now I have a Prius

    1. Yeah it goose zoom zoom lol love to have all my cars back miss driving them.

  5. All these so call car builders needs to look at this car real close and see what a real classic should look like , it’s not dropped on the ground , don’t have a bunch of flames and crap all over it , this is a fantastic car , this is what I grew up with

  6. 1970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda – 13.1 seconds

  7. Yep I did know it was the fastest quarter mile Car in 1970 ! The quickest car for 1970 0 to 60 was the 454 Corvette ! @ 5 seconds

  8. Don’t think they were the fastest. Don’t count out the hemiroid or the big Buick torque monsters

  9. Beautiful car, but how do you own something this bad ass and not drive it ?

  10. Ford falcon XY GTHO Phase III – Fastest 4 door in the world when made. Go Australian if you want to go fast!

  11. Nice. Horsepower stated at 450. In reality, closer to 500. Real tire smoker. Huge bucks with that mileage.

  12. Highest factory HP rating 450, traction was a serious problem though.

    1. All manufacturers had engines that put out 450 HP. They just didn’t advertise the real numbers. For insurance purposes.

  13. With only 4,000 or so miles on it I would spend the $10-15,000 on rebuilding the mechanics and restoring all the rubber parts . Then just drive it everyday.

  14. Bad ASS year and car for a customized big block 454 and headers 4 on the floor shit that car would go nothing like this factory shit today trying to sound good. Miss those days, don’t get me wrong you still might see 1 every other blue moon but nothing like back in the days @ the beach on a Saturday or a Sunday. Smoking a Mary Jane and drinking a bud or half and half.

  15. I owned a 1970 and I beat all those vehicles. Awesome car

  16. If this car Bin sitting for a Long Time, gaskets, Seals , Fluid is Crap .

  17. Big difference between a 1965 and a 1970. Five years, and a whole bunch of cool to be exact.. Were I rich, instead of being so darn handsome, I would own this car.

  18. I did a 12.7 in quarter mile with my LS6. With street tires Wheel spin up to 60. 110.shifted into drive. 3 speed turbo 400 with shift kit.drove it for 7years

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