Camaro SS started after 28 years…

After sitting for 28 years in Anchorage, Alaska, this 1969 Camaro SS was given a new beginning. Originally equipped with a big block, a small block 327 was swapped in sometime during the 80s’. 28 years of disuse do no favors to an engine and on top of typical gunk and grime, water had frozen and created a crack where it could then mix with the oil. After getting the car running, other projects took priority and the Camaro sat for another three years.

Finally, this poor car is getting the treatment it deserves by way of a good tear down, sand blasting and rebuild. The Yenko valve covers are a nice bonus.

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32 thoughts on “Camaro SS started after 28 years…”

    1. Read Thomas’ comment. Z28-RS ( because of the “hidden headlights”)

    2. DEFINITELY FOR THAT YEAR! Gave up on keeping track of the later versions after “70.

    1. You are correct I had a friend with a RS/SS They made SS, RS/SS, RS,RS/Z28 ,Z28 that picture is a RS/Z28

  1. My Navy buddy had one , white on orange RS/SS mild version 302 al. Rocker covers,4 spd Muncie, Hurst shifter, 850 Holley 4 bb….

    1. Neal Riley: That is one fine Z you have. In this story above, I don’t recall a Z-28 of the 69 Vintage ever coming with a big block, eg, 396 or 427, stock from Chevy?

    2. Jim Zeiger They said they couldn’t find the original motor. That replacement looks pretty good !

    3. The motor rocks for sure. Would love, if they were going to do a full restoration, to see them build a 302 for it. I think that’s a 283 crank in a 327 block?

    4. the engine they have is a big block, so evidently its NOT a real Z-28. somebody just labeled it as one.

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