New School vs Old School Camaro!

Love these side by side races! New style Camaro with Turbos -vs- Gen 1 Camaro with Nitrous from the Friday night Big Tire Class at Redemption 6.0, Tulsa Raceway Park. After their burnouts, the GM siblings carefully stage, then the green light drops and they launch together, but the Fireball Camaro briefly loses traction, giving the nitrous-huffing first gen about a car-length advantage. Not one to throw in the towel, Fireball’s driver Ryan drops the hammer and begins the task of reeling in his opponent, who’s on one solid pass in the right lane. As they pass half track, the boost is ramped up and the 5th gen’s pursuit is at full tilt and he’s gained back some real estate.

Thanks to the slow-motion finish from Urban Hillbilly Videos, we see that the late model manages to drive around the opposition, taking the win by a fender! What a great side-by-side, come-from-behind win for the Fireball car! Races like this are the reason no-prep is becoming such a popular race format, for sure.

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